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Typical dishes to make the holidays delicious

Ligurian Christmas brings to the table all the flavors and aromas of tradition, an opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes surrounded by the warmth of loved ones.
The regional recipes for the holidays offer a wide choice mainly based on meat and vegetable dishes with simple origins that are unlikely to leave you dissatisfied.
Starting from the first courses we have selected 2 recipes that impressed us, let’s start with the Natalini in Brodo. These are very long smooth and pen-cut macaroni that are cooked in soup and accompanied by small meatballs, all served with plenty of Parmesan.
The second dish we want to talk about has fascinated us for its history, the Croxetti, a dish of medieval origin that recalls ancient medallions. They are circular egg lasagna impressed on the surface thanks to some wooden molds. This pasta can be dressed with pesto, tap (sauce made with minced beef, mushrooms, spices, tomato pulp and red wine) or walnut cream.
Moving on to the latter, the Christmas course par excellence is the capon. It can be cooked roast, stuffed or boiled, the latter being the most popular if you plan to precede it with natalini in brodo. Generally the boiled version is served with sauces, mustards and fruit.
If we talk about tradition we cannot fail to mention Berodo or Sanguinaccio, a dish that has ancient roots and is obtained from the union of pig’s blood (collected during slaughter), non-skim milk, pine nuts, salt and fresh lard. The finished product looks like a salami, it is boiled and served with stewed onions.
Finally we pass to the Pandolce, the most awaited of the dinner. It is a dessert similar to panettone but lower and more crumbly stuffed inside with candied fruit, raisins, pine nuts and fennel. It is customary for it to be served with a sprig of laurel: the youngest of the family removes the garnish and the oldest cuts the slices, making sure to leave some for the poorest.