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The most exclusive brands at The Mall

Like every year at Christmas at The Mall you will find exclusive gifts for your loved ones. Here are some of the most exclusive brands in bags and accessories.

Bags and accessories with a touch of modern luxury characterize the Coach brand. Animated by a free and unconventional spirit, the brand offers a modern and artisanal design at the same time, defining the concept of luxury at an international level every time. All over the world, the name Coach is synonymous with an all-American glamourous style.

A brand created by a woman for women. Chloè‘s fashion is romantic, casual, glamorous and embodies the desires and strength of the young women of the world. Her bags are synonymous with freedom, a mix of cultures, travelling and experience. This style challenges the rigid formality of haute couture to create a luxury prêt-à-porter.

Since the year of its foundation in 1925 Fendi has embodied a delicate and precious balance between tradition and modernity, subltly playing with glamour, charm, craftsmanship and contemporary design. Fendi bags have always been objects of desire, with some models changing the history of fashion like the famous Baguette and Peekaboo bags. The FF pattern is another undeniable symbol of Fendi accessories, a monogram that has become a craze.

Bottega Veneta
This prestigious symbol of Made in Italy craftmanship is loved beyond borders for its discreet charm. The luxury of Bottega Veneta is expressed in all its strength in accessories made with the famous woven pattern, a process that has become an unmistakable trademark of the original brand from Vicenza. Refined lines in leather goods have become a no-logo design, associated with the lucky motto ‘When your own initials are enough’.