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What to wear and what to give during the festive period

Enters the busiest time of year, when we all start racking our brains to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. Something memorable to show that you care are essential attributes for a great gift. And that’s why the The Mall outlet will help you without delay, providing a selection of ideas for every taste, genre and style.

Jewelry is always the most appreciated gift and Moschino offers a series of unique golden rings studded with colorful gems that will shine with style at your festive do. Lanvin also proposes royal sculptural jewelry which is exclusively designed to embellish parties with a touch of glamour. Silver metal groumette mesh with crystals and pearl make up lavish Lanvin necklaces. Engraved and stiff necklaces come with a brass and tin moon pendant and Swarovski crystals. Pucci bags are another gift that are sure to produce the right effect. The collection is inspired by star signs and combines a unique series of bags with extra long fringes –  a trend yet to be exploited to the full – and luxurious details.

The classy elegance of a Brioni accessory is much more than just a gift: it is a tribute to the recipient’s high standing. Brioni rhymes with flawless sartorial technique and timeless appeal, exemplified by silk ties and the iconic accessory this season, a key chain in woven leather to clip on to the trousers, a perfect gift for anyone who likes to stand out and look smart. Lanvin suggests the tie brooch Carnation with brass intricacies and Lanvin engraved broach with rounded edges, a flawless touch for any man who enjoyes a delicately elegant style.