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When art seeps under your skin

Tats continue to fascinate and are used to define an elegant or feisty look by adding a touch of art and colour to any part of skin that you may care to bare.

The list of celebrities who have used their body to make a statement is long, and getting longer. Text tattoos seem to be all the rage at the moment among celebs, who try to boast their taste for fine art while combining it with an inkling of knowledge, with tats quoting anything from Shakespeare to Dante, starting with Angelina Jolie, whose list of elegant tattoos includes quotes from the Kabbalah, mottoes in Aramaic, and Arabic symbols, as if her entire body were a white page on which to leave a message.

The Italian-American pop singer Lady Gaga has a number of tats covering only the left side of her body, as she promised her father she would leave at least half her body intact. One of her tattoos is a quote from the German poet Rilke, with an added Little Monsters to please her fans.

Rihanna too has an endless number of tats: one on her hand, a musical note and violin key on her foot, the Pisces star sign behind her ear, while a prayer in Sanskrit is written on her back alongside a cascade of little stars.

Amy Winehouse‘s mariner tattoos have now become a legend. They included naked ladies and butch characters, but she showed a soft side too, with Daddy inked on her skin, in honour of her father.

Other celebrities have opted for texts, with more or less memorable outcomes: Megan Fox has a sentence from King Lear, actress Evan Rachel Wood a quote from poet Edgar Allan Poe inscribed under her neck and Miley Cyrus has opted for a patriotic quote by Theodore Roosevelt from 1910 on her arm.

Even the most glamorous couple have given in to the trend: David and Victoria Beckham both have a quote from the Bible, in addition to the vast number of other art work displayed by Mr Beckam.