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Rough, sexy and rock n’ roll: a quick look at today’s hair trend.

It’s an indisputable fact: a man’s sex appeal grows in direct proportion to his hair.

Boring “Saving Private Ryan” cuts are out. This year’s trends let the locks of style-conscious men grow uninhibited. Think again if you say that the only practical style comes from taking a razor to your head. The new style shapes style and charm into the man bun, which already spreading like wildfire among celebrities.

The first to blaze the trail for this style was the singer and actor Jared Leto when he hit the red carpet at the last Golden Globes, donning this ‘do that shows the face and adds some rough, sexy allure. How do you get it? Three simple steps.

One: Wash your hair. Your look should only seem unkempt; never be sloppy. Nothing is worse than dirty hair to ruin it all.

Two: Get a bit of styling gel to give it shine and hold. New products don’t dry out your hair. They give it the right spring to create the best texture.

Three: Lastly, use a comb to pull your hair back and gather it in a bun at the nape. And you’re good to go! If your skills are weak, but you’re eager to learn, look to the web for special how-to tutorials. You can’t go wrong!

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