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Top men’s fashion trends for F/W 2014. In search of lost simplicity

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Remember all the hub-hub about the loudly-proclaimed hipster trend that went on for months?

Well, for now, forget about it. It’s time to retrain our spyglasses and look at the trends for the F/W season, now just around the corner.

We’ll start, of course, from what we saw on the catwalks during Male Fashion Week.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

The guiding theme will be simplicity, including in details. Hairstyles are going shorter and playing second fiddle to eyeglass frames that define a look that is bold, though never over-the-top, featuring clean, simple lines.

There’s plenty of room for true classics like the pinstriped double-breasted suits seen on Gucci‘s catwalk, or the always perfect, casual leather jacket, as seen from Bottega Veneta, with a collection all in earth colors, with green in all its nuances dominating.


Leather owns the day, seen in everything from pants — for the more daring — to coat lapels for eye-pleasing tone-on-tone contrasts even when the designers are offering up solid-color outfits.

Some designers are combining suits with sleek fits with soft-lined outwear, perhaps oversized, often trimmed with fur details, some conspicuous, some not. Such were the outfits on Fendi‘s runway, favoring classic colors, from gray to black, by way of brown, surprising with sudden splashes of pop style color.