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Italian tailoring


Corneliani is a luxurios Italian menswear brand whose unique elegance is matched by memorable moments inspired by its leaders.

Born in the streets of Mantua, the brand continues to grow creating elegant and innovative garments, and infusing a rich Italian refinement in each of the moments’ life. Through an innate style, Corneliani succeeds successfully in exploiting its precious know-how to strengthen daily savoir-vivre. More than an exclusive clothing brand, Corneliani is an experience that enriches life.

Corneliani taste speaks of its origins while looking to the future and the preservation of the made in Italy. The brand has always remained faithful to itself and its heritage, blending savoir-faire with savoir-vivre and evolving while maintaining a common trait in all the brand’s garments expressed as elegance and quality at their best.

The Corneliani man is demanding yet discreet, while the timeless classicism of the collections enhances the contemporary masculine universe in all its nuances. The  Corneliani man wears tradition with innovation, displaying distinctive features that are typically made in Italy. Authentic personalities share a sense of elegance and refinement, alongside the ability to express the best of Italian culture, showing that style is a matter of attitude, not just clothing.