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Brit Rhythm is the new fragrance for men launched by Burberry Brit to celebrate the strong ties between the brand and the music world. The new scent has been launched by an international tour of live concerts and by a capsule collection that rotates around the leather jacket, the icon of Rock music.

It’s not surprising that the testimonial of the advertising campaign is George Barnett, the front man musician of the British indie-rock band These New Puritans.

Brit Rhythm is dedicated to the provocative and sensual man, fascinating and a little bit accursed. As Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s Creative Director, says, Brit Rhythm is inspired by the euphoria and adrenaline of live music and the electrical charge of the crowd.

This men’s fragrance is distinguished by olfactory nuances of black leather, patchouli and styrax resin, crossed with the scent of basil, verbena, spicy cardamom, incense and juniper berries. The result is an inebriating breath, spicy and decisive, that recalls the energy that instils the music at live concerts.

One of the label’s many activities is promoting music, and it has created Burberry Acoustic, a digital platform for emerging talents.

This is also Burberry’s first homemade fragrance, having acquired full ownership of the beauty sector this year, thanks to an in-house take-over.

If you’d like to try Brit Rhythm, you can get a free sample by visiting the website.

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