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Male luxury now

Spring at Brioni’s means contemporary luxury, design and relaxed elegance. The Roman brand is still open to experimentation and innovation in men’s style variations.

Brioni blends the present and the future perfectly, emphasizing a masculine style in the spring as in any other season. The brand’s hallmark is the perfect result of craftsmanship, tailoring skills and technical ability, an Italian art throughout. Each collection is designed to offer the highest experience in style, allowing you to shape a contemporary wardrobe that embodies the Brioni tradition in a new key.

This spring Brioni has been inspired by architect Carlo Scarpa, with a careful eye to the changes in weather, seasons and history. The reference of his works to Venetian and Japanese modern architecture is the focus of this collection, which combines tailored purity with signs of contemporary urban functionality.

His men’s wardrobe is a sculptural process, where the structure and clearly cut lines contrasts with fluid and light fabrics. Light coats, jackets and polo shirts come in graphic motifs, pictorial brushstrokes in tonal or contrasting colors, with golden details to enhance manly shapes, with a translucent effect to play up the fabrics. Each brushstroke is painted or screen-printed by hand on each side of the fabric before assembly.

The collection enjoys a rich and fascinating palette of colors, ranging from sage green to royal blue, sapphire berry, peacock blue and steel gray, in intense and bright shades. The audacious result truly reflects the richness of Brioni tailoring, bringing us neatly to a perfectly tailored spring-summer season.