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The art of tailoring

Elegant, refined and unequivocally Brioni. These are the features of a brand that has made tailoring its trademark. The brand is recognized and appreciated by the legends of the world of art, music and international sports alike.

A Brioni suit is the global reference point for men’s tailoring. Each suit is made to measure, following a timeless style that finds deep roots in the sartorial tradition of Rome.

The Brioni suit – the ultimate expression of the brand’s sartorial know-how – is the first choice of the most influential men in the world and an undeniable symbol of elegance, refinement and authority. Celebrities of the likes of Morgan Freeman, Hugh Jackman, Michael Phelps and Tom Cruise are just some of the iconic personalities that have chosen Brioni for their wardrobe.

A suit is a work of art that expresses Brioni’s craftsmanship and design, a statement of delicate yet assertive masculinity. These unique garments combine the brand’s sartorial richness with a contemporary appeal. In this bespoke creation process, the Brioni tailor masters work with the customer to create unique garments, forming a harmonious dialogue between the body and the client’s personality, their needs and desires.

Customers can choose the fabric, model and cut, as well as all the other details, such as the type of rever, buttons, inner lining, collar and cuffs. Unparalleled craftsmanship and exclusive fabrics are the two essential elements that make Brioni garments come to life. The selection of Brioni fabrics includes over 800 variations of wool, cashmere, silk and cotton, available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Each Brioni garment is a unique creation, an emblem of the Italian sartorial tradition handed down from generation to generation.