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Top tailoring techniques

What happens when a historic brand of Italian tailors like Brioni look to innovate? The result is a contemporary and gentlemanly style, with a few surprises up their sleeve.

Brioni are keepers of the quintessentially Italian tailoring techniques and of the so-called Roman style. Brioni tailors pride themselves in working with the customer to create unique, perfectly-fitting garments. The Brioni Bespoke service is the result of a combination of craftsmanship, technique and talent that are typical of the Italian tailoring tradition. With the fabric cut directly on the individual, the service provides an exclusive Brioni suit entirely designed and handcrafted to meet the needs of the most demanding customer.

The innovative prêt-à-couture concept by Brioni, which has surprised everyone on the Parisian runways, combines perfectly with the values of traditional tailoring. From finestrato to pinstripe, herringbone and Prince of Wales, Brioni has hundreds of exclusive fabrics in permanent and seasonal collections and a wide range of colours and patterns, chosen to accurately represent their customers’ sense of style.

In addition to the fabric, you can choose any apparel details, such as the style of the jacket, the shape of the lapels, slits, buttons and lining. Once the pattern is chosen, Brioni tailors cut and hand-sketch the fabric; the jacket is assembled on a structure made of canvas and horsehair. Each dress is the result of a painstaking method which requires 220 steps, over 22 hours of craftsmanship, and 6000 stitches. A Brioni suit is first and foremost a work of art, created with the most scrupulous dedication to ensure a flawless fit. During this sculptural process, Brioni masters work to create unique garments that match the customer’s frame, personality, needs and wishes.