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Ventiquattro and Bespoke

Each Brioni suit is a unique creation, an emblem of Italian men’s sartorial tradition handed down from generation to generation. Elegant, refined and unequivocally Brioni, you can choose between two exclusive services made available to any customer.

Brioni Bespoke is the personalized service designed to meet the sartorial needs of the most influential men in the world. Available on a wide range of products, the Bespoke service offers an exclusive item, entirely designed and handmade in Italy. In this process, Brioni master tailors work together with the customer to create unique items that harmonise body, personality, needs and desires. The customer chooses the fabric, the model and the cut, as well as all the other details, such as the type of rever, buttons, inner lining, collar and cuffs. Unparalleled craftsmanship and exclusive fabrics are the two essential elements that let Brioni Bespoke garments come to life, the pinnacle of men’s sartorial excellence. Bespoke selection of fabrics includes over 800 variations of wool, cashmere, silk and cotton, available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Ventiquattro is a line of high-quality anti-crease fabrics created exclusively for the Brioni man, which allow garments to maintain their impeccable architecture even when worn or folded. Naturally elastic, they are practical and comfortable to wear. Combining style and high performance, the Ventiquattro fabrics look freshly ironed, giving you a neat and elegant look all day. The garments made with Ventiquattro fabrics have extraordinary anti-crease properties, making them the perfect choice for active men.