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Bottega Veneta has launched a collection of eco-friendly handbags that are extraordinarily beautiful. This fantastic brand, world-famous for its leather accessories, but more especially for its intricately woven bags, has placed its bets on new vegan-friendly materials.

Even fashion is becoming increasingly eco-sustainable. Stylists are at last paying attention to the ecological impact of the fashion business and are busy finding innovative fabrics and fine, valid materials for their creations.

A particular mulberry bark can be used to produce a thin, apparently delicate, paper that in actual fact is highly resistant, called washi, but better known as Japanese paper. Even today, this paper is still rigorously hand-processed and has now been transformed into an optimal material for vegan-friendly handbags.

Another material used is jersey, treated and processed In France, dyed and finished in Italy by the brand’s specialist craftsmen, and subsequently sewn to produce an unusual texture.

Inside, the handbag is lined with silk and is closed by a beautiful decorative rectangular element of burnished brass.

The brand’s Creative Director, Tomas Maier, states that their decision to produce bags in jersey and paper is the result of an exchange of views with Clients, who desire an elegant, hand-made accessory that is not of leather.

This challenge was immediately taken up with great enthusiasm. He also adds, “As a luxury brand, famous for its hand-made leather goods, we certainly can’t define ourselves as vegans.  Bottega Veneta has however always paid special attention to limiting its own environmental impact. Furthermore, we like to satisfy our Clients’ requests. It’s been a fascinatinge challenge and I’m highly satisfied with the outcome of the collection.”

We, too, are decidedly satisfied, having seen the wonderful results that are not only beautiful but also eco-sustainable. And what do you think? Tell me in the comments.