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How to wear veils

Bringing with them a vintage touch, blushers have made a comeback and can be used on almost any occasion, not only for weddings or special events. If you like to sport short hair, blushers are the ideal accessory to enhance your contour and outfit. Here are some tips on how to best don your blusher if you have a short cut.

Originally blushers were worn in combination with a hat, but you can opt for a hair comb or circlet instead. This way the blusher will look great on short haircuts if you’re looking for a more casual look.

A white blusher is ideal for weddings, but for other occasions your best choice is colour. Be wary of the reflections the veil will make on your complexion and be sure to combine it with the right make-up. For a Flapper or Great Gatsby style, a black blusher and glamorous dress will be perfect.

Although versatile, blushers must be combined with the right outfit. You can slip into a retro set with a pencil or midi skirt.

Your make-up must be perfect too, with lips taking centre-stage, particularly if covered by a red-cherry lipstick or if you choose a more natural effect.

And finally, don’t overdo the jewellery. A statement necklace for instance will be more than enough. Bracelets or other glitzy items will be fine as long as they don’t draw too much attention away from your face.