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Winter on our skin

In winter our skin needs to be pampered. Our face is constantly assaulted by low outdoor temperatures and variations between indoors and outdoors.

When the cold strikes, a simple moisturiser won’t do as our facial skin in particular needs deep nourishment and richer formulas that create a barrier and protect the epidermis.

Armani Beauty has always presented a line dedicated to skin care, to make it bright and toned through the winter. Glow-on Moisturizing Balm is the facial moisturiser that ARMANI PRIMA formulated to nourish the skin deeply and make it glow, ready for make-up. The formula is activated with an inverse emulsion which acts on the skin layers. The skin is deeply hydrated, plumped and enlightened and can also be used as a night care.

Get the perfect smooth foundation throughout the day. After a day outdoors, this foundation will still look fresh. The Nourishing Glow Enhancer Oil-In-Gel by ARMANI PRIMA gives your facial skin deep nourishment and a natural light. Ideal for dry skin.

An oil-in-gel emulsion enriched with meadowfoam seed oil, which also gives the driest skin deep nourishment and comfort. It makes it easier to apply foundation, improving the smoothness and lasting effect, and giving you an intense glow effect.

For a moisturised and perfect skin all day Smart Moisture Serum Moisturizing Serum by ARMANI PRIMA is targeted at the needs of each area, for a tailored skin that feel hydrated and comfortable.

Its fresh and light texture contains hyaluronic acid and a seaweed extract for a hydrated, smooth skin. The incredibly light texture is quickly absorbed and leaves a feeling of bare skin, making it an ideal canvas for applying foundation. The foundation darkens and gives you a Glow effect.