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Balenciaga, the great Spanish fashion house, famous for its haute couture, has presented a new and inebriating fragrance called Florabotanica.

Once again Kristen Stewart, the beautiful vampire from Twilight, is the face for the brand’s advertising campaign. The actress perfectly embodies the qualities and talents sought by Nicolas Ghesquière, Balenciaga’s Creative Director, enchanted by her freshness, elegance and – particularly – by her femininity.

The advertising campaign, created by the photographer Craig McDean, shows to the full the beauty and sensuality of Kristen who, portrayed from behind, her back naked, is as though transformed into a seductive wild flower.

Kristen Stewart declares that she is not at all bothered by posing nude and is proud to be chosen as the scent’s ambassadress, because she has always loved the sophisticated style of Balenciaga.

No one could better interpret Florabotanica, a fragrance with a fresh whiff of wild mint, the delicate essence of Turkish rose and the sweet mixture of white ambergris and vetiver.

Florabotanica has been on sale at perfume shops since last October. Its packaging completes its attractiveness: a transparent phial, rectangular in shape, with touches of red and blue, while the stopper bears the unfailing black-and-white stripes used by Maison Balenciaga as a logo.

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