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A multisensory experience that unites two destinations in a spirit od art, fashion and entertainment


Until 1st August The Mall Luxury Outlets celebrates beauty through one of its most sublime forms – Arte. An unprecedented event that will involve visitors and give them a leading role.


For one month (from 3 July) The Mall Firenze and The Mall Sanremo will be united as never before with Art between us. A multisensory experience, that through an itinerary of artistic installations and live performances, will involve guests in the exploration of different expressions of beauty, from nature to art – classical and modern – fashion and entertainment.


The first stop in this incredible journey, Point of View, will be at the entrance to the two luxury malls.  A panoramic telescope located inside an elegant cabin will cross wonderful Ligurian and Tuscan panoramas, as well as some unprecedented views of the luxury malls: in Florence the crystalline sea of Liguria and its fascinating villages, in Sanremo the gentle Tuscan hills with their thousand nuances and colours.


The journey will then continue with Breathing the Surroundings: an immersive installation where visitors can be gently enveloped by the region. At The Mall Firenze you can breathe the DNA of Tuscany through the fragrance of trees and a reproduction of Chianti’s typical microclimate. At The Mall Sanremo, however, the mind will travel on the wings of the wind between the waves of the sea and the scent of salt.


The third installation will pay tribute to the region through some of its iconic symbols. Sammezzano Castle, a place dear to the heart of FAI (the Italian National Trust), is told at The Mall Firenze through a structure of glass and mirrors that will reflect the colors and geometries of the castle’s interiors. While at The Mall Sanremo, three circular structures will enchant the eyes by reinterpreting the unmistakable onion domes of the famous Russian Orthodox Church of the City of Flowers.


Finally, The Mall on Stage: avant-garde spaces where live performances of music, poetry, painting and much more will take place.


Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, visit the two The Mall Luxury Outlets, exclusive shopping is just the beginning!


The Mall Firenze

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The Mall Sanremo

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