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A timeless piece in the men’s collection

The name Giorgio Armani is synonymous with revolutionary Italian elegance the world over, yet King George is the moniker he has earned himself over the years thanks to his androgynous style, with pieces such as the famous de-structured jacket which echo the need of career-driven women for practical and elegant clothing.

In 1975 Giorgio Armani set up an empire made up of diverse and varied lines such as Armani Jeans to include his younger, cosmopolitan clients. Armani Jeans doesn’t only chime with denim, but must also be seen in a broader sense as a synonym for casual, informal and young clothing, a laboratory in which to experiment with new fabrics and patterns. A glance at the recent Armani Jeans collections is enough to realise that the hybrid and genderless mixture of elements from men’s and women’s fashion is more subtle but ever-present, paving the way for new stylish designs.

In any case, denim is still all the rage in the Armani Jeans collection, including in the 2015 spring-summer line, a classic in men’s and women’s collections alike. Women’s jeans have an androgynous feel yet look moulded around the body’s contour and come in orange, pink and white tones as well as the classic navy blue and black. Men’s jeans on the other hand are a regular fit and come in classic denim colours, at times inspired by vintage looks and washed finishing with patchwork details.

Armani Jeans also means accessories, such as the new bags in an elegant and sober style, as customary in the brand’s tradition. The new collection featuring the AJ logo includes a shopper, baguette and shoulder bag in greys, emerald green and navy blue eco-friendly varnish with pendants and decorations.