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When fashion meets nature

Animalia Fashion explores the cross between contemporary haute-couture and the animal kingdom, with its vast variety of colours, patterns and shapes.

Dresses stand like veritable sculptures, while fabrics and embroideries are treated like nature-instilled paintings, each one drawing inspiration from the world of animals through the use of motifs and, at times, the animals themselves. From France to China, from Russia to Italy, the clothes on display propose a surprising catalog of what Alta Moda has to offer to Nature in terms of inspiration and suggestion, and to Art as a product of fantasy and genius.

The Animalia Fashion exhibition thus becomes one of the most surprising and evocative installations ever conceived in the field of Haute Couture, it is pure lyricism in the proposed combinations, but also a deep invitation to reflect on the wonders of the universe, if you pay attention to the preparation, conceived in fact as a fantastic, hyperbolic natural history museum. Clothing, accessories and jewellery are transformed into experiences; they’re a journey through the history of zoology and a chance to discover the forms and colours of both common and rare animals alike. The show also shines a light on the extraordinary power of contemporary fashion, with a display of stuffed animals, spiders in display cases, historic paintings and objects from Florence’s Museum of La Specola.