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Any time of year is an opportunity for an unforgettable experience

A visit to The Mall Firenze or The Mall Sanremo is far more than a stroll among the most exclusive fashion brand stores. It’s an immersive experience in delights that go far beyond shopping: atmosphere, food and hospitality, but also events, art, music, shows and entertainment.

It’s a unique combination that captures your heart and urges you to return, and it’s marked by the turning of the seasons, meaning that the two Luxury Malls undergo regular changes in appearance and inspiration, imbued with genuine magic.

This brings stunning decor schemes and interactive installations with a guaranteed wow factor, like those that blossom in spring, carried on the wind like sweet pollen from flowering meadows; or the freshness and sparkle of summer, followed naturally by the scents of autumn and the enchanted Christmas holidays.

Not forgetting themed art, fashion, beauty and culture events and the best-loved occasions like Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day.

For each of these there’s an interactive program packed with shows, DJ sets, workshops, welcome initiatives, selfie stations, lovely gifts and activities, offering a perfect connection with the magnificent regions surrounding The Mall Firenze and The Mall Sanremo; the former an integral part of the rolling Tuscan hills, the latter a hair’s breadth away from the blue Ligurian sea.

When you go to The Mall Firenze and The Mall Sanremo, you can always expect something extra!

The Mall Firenze
T +39 055 8657775
Via Europa, 8 – Leccio (FI)

The Mall Sanremo
T +39 0184 1968968
Via Armea, 43 – Sanremo (IM)