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Style starts at the bottom

When it comes to footwear, there’s no hiding the fact that personality and style are defined by the shoes we wear, and things start getting interesting when we take a look at the new trends in flat shoes for 2015.

Alexander McQueen is a British brand name that has earned itself world renown thanks to the late designer’s artful tailoring techniques, fine execution of Haute Couture and painstaking attention to the details of each and every step of production. His style has established itself as a homage to Gothic casual chic with touches of Brit punk and rock which make for a decisively intense and alluring look for women.

Alexander McQueen‘s flat shoes draw inspiration from his signature style and are made unique by a skull which is also used to decorate accessories and shoes. The women’s flats in deep sea-blue calfskin come with an ankle strap and side buckle, rounded tip, flat sole and a small skull to embellish the golden ankle chain.

An embossed golden jewel skull – with eyes and teeth made of diamonds – adorns the tip of these stylish black leather flats. The black suede shoes provide an entirely different look, with finishings and details in leather and embossed silver embroidery that give this manly model a touch of feminine class.

A golden McQueen skull glimmers on top the luxurious hunter-green suede model with leather finishings: the perfect footwear for a timeless wardrobe.