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Let the new collection inspire you

Alberta Ferretti‘s clothes express all the freedom that a woman who is fully aware of herself can enjoy. This collection expresses freedom of thought as a sentiment, but also a way of life that is reflected in the way you dress. This is why the theme of the 2015 Spring/Summer collection is nude tones, a hue that conveys a light, personal and strong feeling.

Nude tones are applied to macramé trousers and skirts with details of embroidered and 3D organza petals. Jumpsuits are made of light fabric, as are shorts and leggings. The same nude tones dominate figure-hugging dresses in organza laid on chiffon that look like structured canisters in both their short and long versions, giving you a voluminous effect. Skin tones make mousseline, silk and white cotton robes ethereal and are made of organza in pastel colours with applied details of flowers that look like they were made of ceramics. A lightness and high definition can be read in the suede fringes that frame dresses and ponchos, cut out and made by hand to create multi-layered petals and embellished with macramé additions.

Nude tones are to be found in the details and accessories too, for an elegant chic-bohemian look. Alberta Ferretti‘s feminine touch is also echoed in her suede bucket bags with fringes, jewellery with flowers and textile details, and in the metal and polished glass earrings.