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Femininity and Rainbow Week

Alberta Ferretti’s fashion is an ode to carefree, young and positive femininity. Impossible not to think of Alberta Ferretti’s style when spring comes knocking at the door.

With sophisticated collections and iconic designs that celebrate the uniqueness of women today, Alberta Ferretti is one of the brands that are able to tell the beauty of femininity in all its facets. Select fabrics and precious manufacturing compete in her unmistakable creations, which are revered by women around the world. And although winter is still lingering, we can dream of spring with the first capsule collection Rainbow Week, featuring seven cashmere and wool sweaters in seven different shades, each dedicated to a day of the week.

Pastel pink infuses its soft and sophisticated touch to your custom garment with gray inlay contrasts for Mondays, letting you start the week with grace and without haste. Emerald is joined to fuchsia to create unique and brilliant harmonies like the light emanating from a gem, for precious Tuesdays. The intense romance and timeless floral hues of purple are accentuated by the vibrancy of orange graphics that push you to live between dream and reality on Wednesdays. Ironic, positive and playful, yellow enhances the warm and enveloping coat of this model with blue motif contrasts to infuse energy to Thursdays. A midnight blue tone that is evocative and profound, softened by the lightness of pink, tells a tale of femininity and joy on Fridays. Cherry red as glamour, sensuality, creativity, the desire to have fun and feel irresistible, with an appealing touch of pastel pink to enjoy on Saturdays. An elegant nuance, harmony and purity where a gray cloud is dyed blue to signify relaxation and freedom on Sundays, all by Alberta Ferretti.