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For actresses, beauty is basic. A beautiful smile really makes all the difference, with the whitest of straight, perfectly aligned teeth. But making an appointment with your dentist isn’t enough to give you a beautiful smile: you have to have the right aptitude.

When you smile and your eyes light up too, your smile is really effective and contagious.

But which are the most beautiful smiles in Hollywood? Let’s take a look:

America Ferrera, we met her dazzling “iron smile” first in Ugly Betty: a prime example that showing all 32 teeth is totally enhancing and that you don’t have to be beautiful to warm the hearts of those around you.

Speaking of smiles, what about Julia Roberts, whose fleshy lips and perfect teeth conquer the whole world whenever she smiles.

Charlize Theron is the perfect example of a shy half-smile. Always beautiful and smiling, she is an actress whose smile shows reservation and discretion.

And what about the men? Certainly Sean Connery, whose smile involves his whole facial expression, from his slightly lifted eyebrows to the lines on his forehead.

When he smiles, Brad Pitt looks different. His goatee, furthermore, enhances his mouth.

You must pay attention to your own smile, because it’s good for you and those around you. What about you? How do you take care of your smile? Tell us in the Comments.