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An evocative journey through Val d’Orcia

A journey to discover the most authentic Tuscany, on board the historic carriages of the steam train that runs through the countryside with breathtaking views and scenic hills. Time seems to stand still, the steam lifts from the hills and leads us through unspoiled land that is rich in history.

The railroad crossing the Val d’Orcia was closed in September 1994, as passenger traffic was too limited to maintain ordinary service. Crossing the Crete Senesi and the valley of the river Orcia, at the foot of Mount Amiata, the line is located in a territory of great environmental value, where the famous world-class Brunello wine is produced. This area of Tuscany has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

With the support of local authorities, since 1996 the Asciano-Monte Antico was then reopened on public holidays as a tourist railway, following many examples of this kind in other European countries and North America. The train offers a unique opportunity in spring to discover Tuscany along the old railway routes. Taking a steam train in this part of the region is an unforgettable experience.

It also provides an opportunity to recommission secondary railways, which run in areas that have remained untouched by urbanization and industrialization and are immersed in a natural landscape. The initiative also aims to contribute to preserving the heritage of industrial archaeology. The historical value of the Asciano-Monte Antico railway also lies in its historical steam locomotives and the centoporte – hundred-door – carriages.