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Paluffo B&B Resort, close by Certaldo, affords a magnificent view of San Gimignano, set in a 16th-century tower within a small medieval village

Paluffo B&B Resort’s accommodations include four independent houses arranged around the manor house. Inside each house is a large shared living area for guests and four double rooms, all of which are beautifully frescoed and furnished with a mix of antiques and design pieces.

Each of the four apartments offers its own unique experience. The house made inside the tower covers three levels and has an awe-inspiring view of San Gimignano. Above the olive mill — used for tastings and cooking classes, in addition to the winery — is the second house, which has an oak tree running through it and adding lots of character to the living room. The Stillo house’s salient feature is its large windows overlooking a private garden; the fourth house is above an old bakery, which once provided bread to the entire village.

Paluffo was meticulously restored to turn it into an eco-sustainable resort, with a natural swimming pool, a photovoltaic system and solar panels. The restoration project also revealed fascinating frescoes. Paluffo is the perfect place to revive and pamper yourself, and just a stone’s throw from some of Italy’s major art cities and excellent shopping opportunities such as at The Mall luxury outlet.