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1927. The return to Italy

Coinciding with the 19th anniversary of Salvatore Ferragamo‘s return to Italy from the United States, on 19 May his namesake museum will open the “1927 Il ritorno in Italia” exhibit.

The exhibition analyses the various components in the visual culture of the 1920s in Italy by focusing on the themes and works that directly or indirectly influenced Ferragamo’s narrative, such as the cultural and social aspects that marked the period from WWI until the ascent of the fascist regime. The exhibition once again crosses the production and life of the great master to capture inspiration and suggestions that deepened the languages of art, fashion, cinema and literature.

In 1927 Ferragamo returned to Florence, where he set up the workshop he had developed in the US. He enjoyed immediate success thanks to technical innovations and creativity that he transferred to his footwear, made with unusual and innovative materials. During the postwar period Ferragamo shoes became a symbol of the Italian economic growth. In those years Ferragamo created his most iconic footwear, which is still produced today in limited editions.

Starting from history of art and business, the exhibition displays numerous works by Maccari, Martini, Thayaht, Gio Ponti, Rosai, Balla, Depero and many others – in addition to costumes and clothes of the time, photographs and advertising posters, coupled with the footwear Ferragamo created in those years as evidence of his harmonious relationship with the art world.