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A world of love

Alberta Ferretti’s fashion speaks of love, passions and values. Her significant and delicate style blends charm and strength, and sends out a delicate and romantic message of overflowing love.

The focus of Alberta Ferretti’s fashion are real women, who live life with the same intensity as a long-forgotten romantic past, without it being just an aesthetic vision.

Hes romanticism is never cloying but full of strength, yet maintains a light touch, like a passe-partout on a silhouette made precious by fabrics such as crêpe-satin, wool and damask. Her thinking is always addressed to special women who aren’t afraid of dreaming.

One of the most influential women in Italian fashion, Alberta Ferretti has built an empire animated solely by strong passions and universal values. Her values have guided her since her youth, and are still the basis for her work, revealed by her love for women and a desire to make beautiful things. Her dresses emphasize beauty and femininity, without masking the wearer’s features. This human dimension is present in each one of Alberta Ferretti’s collections. Her style describes a new way of being and living every day without fearing eccentricity or the charm of the unexpected. Her garments free usual daywear from predictable solutions and use glamor and flashes of light, creating an authentic style that aims to give expression to the personalities of modern women.