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Art, music and wine culture

Every Thursday, from 3 November to 15 December, the Museo Civico in Siena offers a combination of art, music and wine. In its fourth edition, this is a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most charming Tuscan cities.

The festival 7 Notes in 7 Nights is sponsored by the City of Siena, and focuses mainly on unusual anecdotes. During the course of the seven weeks, from 9 to 11 pm, the ancient rooms of the Museo Civico in Siena will be housing live music concerts, with a mesmerising Maesta by medieval painter Simone Martini in the background, while tasting typical Sienese products.

This promises to be a true journey into a beautiful world of art led by art historians from the City of Siena, who will teach you interesting facts about the treasures that are housed in the Museum, one of the most important in Italy and home to the city’s institutions since the days of the Republic. Every evening opens with a talk dedicated to the most significant areas of the Palazzo Pubblico, and continues with a tasting of select wines and sweets from the Sienese PGI area. To end the evening, in the picturesque setting of the Sala del Mappamondo, a live music concert will be held every Thursday, with a line-up that includes students and teachers from the Siena Jazz Foundation and the Institute of Musical Studies Rinaldo Franci.

This edition includes seven themed guided tours dedicated to the most important rooms of the Palazzo Pubblico. From the Sala del Mappamondo with the history of saints, castles and battles; the Sala della Pace, with a talk on the political events depicted on the walls, up to the Anticappella with the themed visit on the Civic virtues of Famous Men. The guided tours also go through the Sala di Balia to recount the story of the Two Popes, two emperors and a Traitor; the Sala del Concistoro with the story of Domenico Beccafumi – the ultimate interpreter of Sienese freedom – followed by the Sala del Risorgimento and Del Capitano del Popolo. The talks, which will take place in the course of the seven evenings, aim to immerse visitors in a guided tour through the various rooms of the Museo Civico, ending in the chambers of the Palazzo Pubblico, adorned with monumental fresco cycles.