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How to change your springtime look

A new season calls for a new wardrobe, a shift in both spirit and look. Ride a fashion wave that will take you straight to the 2015 spring-summer collections. Here are a few hints on the hottest seasonal trends.

Midi skirt
The midi skirt is the glitziest item for the 2015 spring-summer season. With a nod to retro models, it makes a comeback in pattern and multicolour versions. It is typically calf-length with full A-line shapes and comes in light fabrics, making it the occasion-perfect item day and night without being too fussy. Combine it with anything as simple as a cotton jumper or cardigan.

The 70s
The psychedelic 70s have taken centre stage this spring, a trend confirmed in the latest Milan and New York fashion shows. Hippies, Woodstock, the American desert and Disco Inferno are a source of inspiration particularly for bell bottoms, which are folksy and with abundant fringes.

Prints, stripes  
A timeless classic, an obvious comeback and an ode to contamination, especially when it comes to colour. Valentino proposes geometrical black&white robes but more sophisticated and shiny colours are also available. Armani showcases a combination of blue&white for his handsome suits. Pinstripes go all the way down to your boots for an overall effect.

Floral prints
Romantic and poetic or modern and almost abstract. This spring-summer prints offer a timeless palette, with 3D embroidery and attached details for Alberta Ferretti. The garden mood this year comes in a variety of styles and draws inspiration from a plethora of ideas, mainly focusing on light and transparent effects. Sun flowers, tulips, roses and daisies are top of the class, up until seasonal abstract and geometrical flowers blooming on sneakers and espadrilles.