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A bow tie is the perfect accessory to add a personal touch to your look for everything from ceremonies to more casual events

A lungo dimenticato o relegato ai soli eventi formali, il papillon è tornato prepotentemente alla ribalta. Miscelando estro e tradizione negli abbinamenti, possiamo imprimere al nostro look un accento unico. L’importante è non esagerare. Per non sbagliare, specie se non avete mai indossato prima un papillon, seguite alcune regole semplici.

Bow ties, long forgotten, relegated to formal events, are making a big comeback. Give your look unique flair by mixing and matching with creativity and tradition. The thing is to not go overboard. To get it just right, especially if you’ve never worn a bow tie before, follow a few simple rules.

First thing: the shirt. The collar shouldn’t be visible, so you should go for French-style “bat-wing” or rounded ends.

The next choice to make is what to wear with the bow tie. The easiest thing is to wear a patterned bow tie over a solid color shirt or the other way around. If you think you really know what you’re doing, try overlapping two patterns. If the combination works, it will take your outfit’s sophistication up a notch. If you are one for a non-conformist look, a denim shirt could be just the trick.

Or if you want to wear a jacket, you should add a vest too. Otherwise, wear a sweater instead of a jacket.

There are three common shapes: butterfly, long and narrow or pointed. The choice is up to you.

Last but not least, if you don’t buy a bow tie that’s pre-tied, you’ll have to learn the technique right for tying your bow.

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