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Creativity, contemporary design and color. These are the distinctive signs of Pomellato jewelery, contemporary luxury that never ceases to amaze.

Maison Pomellato embodies Italian craftsmanship which, together with the deep knowledge of ancient goldsmith techniques, gives us unique and sensual jewelry. True timeless artwork where quality meets a new luxury, in balance between the past and the future, tradition and innovation, rigor and experimentation. The process of creation combines unique metals such as the characteristic pink Pomellato gold, precious diamonds and rare colored gems extracted in the remotest places of the Earth. Inspiration and feeling are instinctively captured and enclosed within sculpture-like jewelery, each of which expresses the creative freedom, curiosity and independence that animates the Pomellato style.

This precious alchemy of design and craftsmanship is found intact in pink gold-plated arabesque rings with prasiolite. The slightly tilted stone has numerous vertical facets that enhance its theatrical appeal, and comes wrapped in floral patterns on both sides of the ring. The Rose Gold Bahia Ring boasts rounded, irregular stones accompanied by small contrasting gems embedded in a natural-shaped stem. These are just some of Pomellato‘s purest design products, the rest is history. Pomellato was the first brand to cut the stones in reverse, creating irregular diamond pavers and adopting the cabochon style. An ever-evolving vision where the art of goldsmith’s professionalism blends in with the vision of the creative director and the skills of the gem master.