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It’s some years since Stella McCartney launched her first collection for children, “Kids Collection”. Also this year, ladies gentlemen and children, you can count on a really lovely line of clothes.

Stella McCartney doesn’t give up on her values, even for children: the items of clothing are all rigorously made in pure bilogical cotton, just to meet the needs of those children with more delicate skin, confirming her attention to a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature.

This English designer makes clothes for children of 0 to 12 years old, with a style absolutely vibrant and colourful.

The tee-shirts have beautiful designs on the front, the sweatshirts for little boys are witty, with screen-prints of animals and masks on the hood, while for the little girls we have lttle short dresses in floral patterns, which have a romantic note, woollen hats and raincoats.

The short skirts are light and polka dot, to wear with fluttering blouses, which vary in colour and shade off from violet to white.

For the still smaller babies, new-born, Stella McCartney has created comfortable and spirited babygros.

The sales outlets where you can buy this clothing line for the smallest babies can be found in the principal fashion capitals of the world: London, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Hong Kong, but it will be also possible to buy the Kids Collection clothes directly from the official website.